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Uniting Hackathons for future

We need a place where we supply basic tools, organization procedures, management strategies and easy connection to people with knowledge and skills.

We need to advance the potential of using digital art and techniques as they cooperate and merge in ‘Hackathons’ around the world.

Metahackathon is the representation that the association of such complex dynamic ongoings is difficult but possible. Germany showed what a hackerthon can be if enough face a common problem: corona

We think this spark has to be fostered, kept alive and ongoing. We want this page to either connect to such platform or spark its development.

The network-development necessary for that can profit from ongoing Hackathon – please check whether there is a hint on twitter who can take over this project or help search for someone any time soon.

Check these guys out if you don’t know what do to

As the initiator of this page is working on more then 300 other projects (project layouts) please consider checking their stuff out – officially its available at 04-04-2020 but for interested individuals the plan and setup can be evaluated already.